Trying to collect on a past due debt can be frustrating, time consuming and disheartening. Harold A. Adler, Inc. can handle the situation for you with respect and dignity. This frees you to work in your business and allows us to help you increase your cash flow. Our "soft" collections approach can also assist in maintaining goodwill between you and your clients.



In businesses, accounts receivable is one of your most valuable business assets. Delinquent accounts can drag down your bottom line and pull your staff from the duties they were brought on board to accomplish. Also, many business owners don't realize the value of "third-party psychology" that motivates a debtor to pay. 


Let us focus on bringing in the past due monies, which allows you to focus on new business growth.


We are here to help you from the start. We will review your agreements and help close any loopholes. Your contract terms will be clearly stated in the event that an account becomes delinquent or is disputed. In addition, we provide a Final Demand Letter for you to send before placing your accounts with us. In our experience, approximately 50% of debtors will pay on this letter.

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